Hiring A Wedding Planner Will Save You Time, Money, and Peace of Mind!

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.41.58 AMAre you debating whether or not you should hire a wedding planner? We get it — hiring an external source to plan your special day can leave you asking questions like: Why should I hire someone if I can do it myself? Weddings are already costly, will it be worth it in the end?  

To help you decide, here are a few reasons why you should definitely consider investing in a wedding planner: 

Staying Organized  

Wedding planning goes beyond picking your dress or suit, choosing your cake, and booking a venue. Careful consideration must be taken when organizing your budget and selecting vendors, especially caterers and florists. Reserving dates for venues, booking the entertainment and rehearsal dinner venues, wedding invitations, scheduling hair and makeup artists, planning the menu and seating charts, and touching base with vendors to confirm arrangements are all important aspects of your wedding that need to be organized.  

It may seem like an impossible task to keep track of all these decisions, bookings and meetings, but with the help of a wedding planner, all these arrangements are made for you in a timely and organized fashion!   

Help You Stay On Track With Your Budget 

Whether you have a $10,000 or a $50,000 budget, sticking to it is important, and totally possible! A wedding planner will help you stay on track. They know where you can cut costs and save money, and whether your budget is feasible for what you envisioned for your wedding.   

Experienced planners will also know if you are paying too much for a certain venue or product, which brings us to our next point:  

Wedding Planners Have Contacts! 

Your wedding planner will have contacts for all aspects of your wedding. Whether we’re talking venues, florists or caterers, they know the wedding scene and will make sure to get in touch with the right people. Your wedding planner will not only direct you to the right vendors for your needs, they will also ask the right questions to ensure that your needs – and expectations – are met. 

Planning With Your Busy Schedule Can be Demanding and Exhausting  

Planning a wedding is time-consuming, especially if you’re going at it without a wedding planner! With work, social engagements, and family time, it might not be possible to confirm and re-confirm with vendors, triple checking that everything is going according to plan. Wedding planners will make those important calls and check-ups for you, making the whole process of planning a wedding that much easier! 

Take the Stress Out of Planning Your Wedding 

Not only do you deserve to be worry-free on your wedding day, you should also enjoy your engagement! Stressing out for months, weeks, and days leading up to your wedding is no fun. Having someone deal with issues and problems along the way will let you and your partner take pleasure in your time as an engaged couple!  

Things Can Go Wrong Last Minute 

On your special day, you shouldn’t be running around trying find out why the flowers or photographers haven’t arrived yet. It’s a day for you to enjoy with your partner, friends, and family, so any issue, big or small, will be dealt with calmly and discreetly by your wedding planner (or day-of coordinator).  Your wedding planner will ensure that all problems be fixed without you even knowing something went wrong! 

We Want to Make Your Vision Come True 

From the moment you have your first consultation to the very end of your wedding day, your vision is the number one priority of your wedding planner. They understand how important it is to make your dream wedding a reality. After all:  

We are here for YOU! 

We LOVE what we do, and our main goal is to make YOU happy! We understand how important the process of planning is, and that the months and days leading up to your big day are part of the whole experience of getting married. Our team will help make your dream wedding come true!  


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