Our different backgrounds are what makes us both unique & a great team.

Take a peek at the team members who make up Julie & Co

Julie McNamara


Julie is an award-winning event planner and communicator.


Most days you can find me in Lululemon & a messy bun, working in my home office with a smile on my face and some sort of ice coffee in hand. I am a wedding planner, a lover of all dogs (even the naughty ones), a good friend, a storyteller, a yogi, and a woman who is always down to support other women owned businesses. We only have one life -I believe in making it count, by doing good things and keeping it real.!


My style? It's high end, yet laid back. I want you to feel invited to come as you are, to stay awhile, and maybe have some fun while you're at it- EVERYONE IS WELCOME HERE. My job is to make your wedding the best it can be. I'm here to get you where you need to be and feel amazing about it. Getting up every day and doing what I love makes me come alive! I hope you will find my enthusiasm infectious as we embark on to this amazing planning journey together. She has been called a smart cookie her whole life, but she is also down to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians on repeat!


Pronouns: She/her

emoji line: ✌️🐕🧘🏼‍♀️

Amy Knight



Amy is Julie's right hand man (and best friend). If you ever want to know what the Julie & Co HQ is like when these two are around each other watch a Nat & Kat Video and you'll see.


Amy is a whiz at keeping the office organized, and simplifying our processes.


Pronouns: She/her

emoji line: 🌶❤️🙌

Gillian Webster



Gillian’s eye for detail, calm demeanour, and love of organization was what led her into the event planning industry.

Gillian started at Julie & Co. in 2017, as an intern, and later went on to become an assistant planner, lead planner, and now wedding administrator.

When Gillian isn’t working on making her client’s dreams come true, you can find her playing with her daughter, Cara, teaching barre fitness classes, or camping with her family.


Pronouns: She/her

emoji line: 🥰🌿☀️

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