So much has changed in the world of events, but we can help! We have been working on virtual events since 2017 and have tips and tricks to make it easier on your organization. We bring the same attention to detail to our virtual events as an in person event.

Why Go Virtual?

Since the pandemic has changed the way we gather, we have been forced to move many events online. However, there are actually a few positive reasons to switch to virtual. From more the ability to affordable more affordable rates, to creating more accessible content this doesn't have to be a negative thing!

What Services can you offer for going virtual?

1. design an online platform that is customized to your event

2. design and manage your registration process

3. create content for social media

4. create a program/theme

5. run speaker run throughs and dress rehearsals

6. moderate (chat rooms and/or sessions)

7. online social events

8. online fundraising events

Speaker management in a Virtual Setting

We cannot assume that every speaker you hire will be familiar with the online environment. This is a speciality of the Julie & Co Team, we will meticulously train your speakers to properly present in the virtual environment.

Growing your potential Audience

The world is your oyster! Your message can be heard globally- let's take advantage of the new potential this can bring to your organization.

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